We design, develop and produce support structures for LED screens.

Róbert Sloboda
+421 903 466 256

Adobols, s.r.o.
Duklianska 1385/28
909 01 Skalica
Slovakia, EU

Selected Projects

LED Screen Update – Surface Enlargement

Four-sided Vertical LED Structure – “LED Totem”

Kuwait TV News Room LED Curved Structure

LED Facade on Panorama City III. – the Largest LED Area in Central Europe

LED Ceiling Structure in the Lobby Panorama City III.

Sport Hall Siofok – 232 m² LED Screen Structures

LED Screen Hung Between the Columns

23m Long Indoor Structure – Tower 115

Pull Out Structures for High Density LED Screens

Lightweight Multimedia Cube Structure HK Nitra

Lightweight Structures for Moroccan Parliament

Two Structures for the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority

Structure for Sport Studio of the Kuwait National Television

Two Floor Standing Structure for Eurotunnel

News Room TV SNRT Morocco – 196° Curved Structure

RTL Luxembourg Structures

Ferrari 3D Screen Structure

Slim Design for Porsche France

Curved Structures for the News Room TV Markiza

Supporting Structures for the King of Saudi Arabia

Socker Inclination Adjustable Perimeter

Face LED Screen Structure – United Nations on Geneva

Multimedia Ice-Hockey LED Cube Aluminium and Steel Structure

Concave High Density LED Screen Aluminium Structure

Special Super Lightweight Cabinets for the World Largest Multimedia LED Cube

Concave and Flat LED Screen Aluminium Structure

Panoramic High Density LED Screen Aluminium and Steel Structure

Football LED Perimeter Shock Resistant Steel Pedestals

LED Multimedia Ice-Hockey Cube Aluminium and Steel Structure

Multimedia LED Ceiling Structure – United Nations on Geneva

Rental Nivtec Mount Supporting Structure

Outdoor LED Screen Supporting Steel Structure

Rental Concave Angle Adjustable Structure

LED Screen Rear Access Standing Aluminium Structure

Lightweight Store Window LED Display Aluminium Mechanics